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Data strategy

Getting to know your company, your users/clients and your business and marketing objectives is the first step in any digital analytics project. We perform an in-depth study on your company and everything around to define a measurement plan that includes objectives, KPIs, segments, targets, etc. Everything we need to offer you operable, objective-oriented information.

Data collection

The precision of the information collected is essential to provide correct interpretation; not having data is bad, but having false data is even worse.

We implement the measurement plan we defined to extract the necessary information, ensuring that it is truthful and precise.

we can obtain any data you may need, using our own and third-party tools.
Data collection and advertising campaign monitoring, without affecting site performance.
We extract data through APIs from all kinds of applications and tools.
Migration to Universal Analytics, to Google Tag Manager... or any analytical tool you may need.

Data analysis

After collecting all the data obtained from the different sources, we analyse them and interpret and assess if they have reached the set objectives. We also detect deviations, bottlenecks that make conversion difficult, etc.

The result: a report where we offer relevant data, oriented toward making business decisions, and where we suggest solutions to the problems we have found.

Data visualization

Every department at a company has different data consumption needs. This is why we created customised control panels and dashboards, so that they can have the information they need to make decisions at all times, in an accessible, visual and easy-to-understand way.

We are very strict in all aspects of the confidentiality of the data we handle: our own security protocols protect all the information of the companies with whom we work.

How we help
your digital project

● We improve the user experience

Ensuring that users of our website or app have a satisfactory experience while browsing should be a priority with any project.

To achieve this, we use different techniques that provide us with highly valuable information: tests with real users, real-time surveys on the website, recording sessions, etc.

Collecting and then analysing these data makes it so we can suggest changes that should be made to the website, optimising the users' path to conversion and improving their browsing experience.

● We improve the profitability of your investments

Where should I invest? In SEO or in SEM? In search or display? In AdWords or Facebook? With proper campaign attribution and an exhaustive analysis of the data obtained, we can find out which advertising channel is most profitable for each kind of user and product. Don't make a blind investment again.

● We improve conversion

With different tools, we conduct A/B tests and experiments on your website or application, so we can discover which changes would lead to an improvement in reaching the set objectives.

Moreover, we can also improve offline conversion, driving online traffic toward physical shop locations with specialised tools.

● We improve the performance of your website

We optimise performance of your website, detecting possible failures and improving loading times and availability. What's more, we monitor your website in real time so we can immediately detect any deviation and resolve it as quickly as possible.

● We improve business results

We make decision-making easier, extracting the information you need to base these decisions on truthful, consistent and relevant data. Our control panels, customised for each department involved, will help to view the information in an understandable, actionable way.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Optimize
  • Yandex
  • Klipfolio
  • Supermetrics
  • Power BI
  • GTMetrix

For whom

Our analytics services are designed for digital departments at large companies, who do not have a specific department and need to outsource the service, or who require specialised consulting services on a case-by-case basis (campaigns, migrations, solving specific problems, etc.).

We also work for medium-sized companies, as well as for other marketing agencies, who need to offer specialised analytics services to their clients.

  • Eroski
  • Euskaltel
  • DKV
  • Qualitas Auto
  • Centrotel
  • IK4
  • Orbea

Our Certifications

Individually and as a company, the Aukera team is certified for the most cutting-edge digital tools.

  • Certificación Google Analytics
  • Certificación Google Tag Manager
  • Yandex
  • Klipfolio


We have created Aukera Labs to keep improving our measurement protocols and processes. In our field, constant research is essential. This means we can develop our own tools and new methods to use both in data collection - to provide you with any and all information you may need - and in the processing and monitoring phase.


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