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Digital diagnosis

Have you defined your online marketing objectives? Do you know what the best channels to reach your clients are? Do you know how much profitability each one of them offers you?

Before taking on a digital project, you need to know the answer to these questions, and many more: knowing where you are and where you want to go is the first step to give your online presence meaning.

To this end, we analyse the market for the company and its competition, as well as the business itself, including all of its online channels.

Sectoral analysis

We analyse different aspects of the competitive sector for a global view of your industry's digital performance, so we can take consequent action.

  • Degree of maturity of the sector in the digital environment: we observe the average technological adaptation of competing companies.
  • Positioning: we examine the visibility of companies from the sector on different digital channels.
  • Benchmarking: we study the competition's different marketing actions and analyse their impact and effectiveness on the client/user.
  • Indicators and trends: we define the KPIs that show us how the sector and different companies evolve.
  • Sectoral studies: we identify digital market trends for the industry, extracting a huge amount of data from different relevant sources. The analysis and processing of these data are sectorial studies.
  • Monitoring the competition: we develop our own tools to monitor the competition, thereby obtaining real-time market control.


We examine every aspect that has to do with digital business, ranging from the most corporate to the most technical aspects.

  • We study products/services: we cannot develop a strategy without a profound understanding of what we want to sell, what market we are in, and all of the aspects surrounding the sales process.
  • We find out who your client is: we need to clearly identify what kind of users are interested in your products/services, which channels they use, how they search for information on our sector, what their customer journey is, etc.
  • We analyse which channels they are currently using, which actions they carry out on each one of them, their effectiveness, and the response obtained by the target audience.
  • We conduct a technical audit on the web/app (SEO, UX, WPO) and detect errors and opportunities to improve organic positioning, usability and performance for your site or application.
  • We define KPIs: we study what has been monitored to date, as well as how analytics have been implemented, to ensure that the correct KPIs are being measured and that data are being extracted appropriately.

Strategy Definition

After diagnosis, we identify the actions necessary to reach the set objectives, based on the previously obtained data.

Web Architecture

If necessary, we suggest a more appropriate web architecture, as well as information architecture - with prototyping - to encourage drawing traffic, improve usability and drive an increase in conversion.


We select the most appropriate channels (web, app, social networks, email marketing, SEM, SMM, blog, etc.) to reach the target audience, and we suggest the necessary actions for a more coherent, relevant brand experience on all the channels.


We develop a content strategy adapted to these channels.

Marketing Campaigns

We propose paid marketing campaigns on the most appropriate platforms, oriented toward reaching specific objectives.

Customized Actions

Other customised actions and strategies, adapted to the business and set objectives.

All actions proposed have the objective of improving the conversion rate, bearing in mind that objectives may be different:

Online Sales

When the transaction takes place on the website itself, the sales process and the purchase process need to be brought together, optimising conversion paths to improve the sales ratio.

Obtaining leads

We lay the foundation to draw new potential clients and facilitate contact in complex sales processes, when the transaction does not take place in the online setting.

Offline Sales

In addition to drawing users to our website, we must also bear in mind how to move that online traffic to the offline setting. To this end, we use specific tools to set up appointments and make reservations on the website itself. These tools can be customised and adapted to each business.

Lastly, we establish which KPIs identify the digital strategy's effectiveness, as well as the analytics we need to implement to measure these indicators.

Project Management

When your strategy is defined, if you would like, we can take care of implementing it, either totally or partially.

At Aukera, we manage digital projects, coordinating all players involved, whether in-house or outsourced:

Business strategy execution

We can comprehensively execute the digital business strategy, carrying out all proposed actions and implementations.

Selection and supervision

When a third party needs to be hired, we take care of the hiring process and supervision. On this point, we are always transparent, informing the client of other collaborating companies' involvement in the project.

Consulting services to IT departments

We offer consulting services to the IT department for all technical implementations to be carried out in-house. If necessary, we also coordinate marketing and IT departments.

Outsourced marketing department

If your company does not have a marketing department as such, or it is not specialised enough, we can work as your outsourced marketing department.


Once the strategy has been implemented, we must monitor to verify the effectiveness of the proposed actions:

Measurement plan

Implementation of the measurement plan, with the KPIs indicated in the digital strategy.


Monitoring all the actions performed.


Using own and third-party tools to obtain all data necessary for monitoring.


Periodical reports on results obtained, deviations detected and proposals for adjustments to reach set objectives.

Do you want to find out more about our monitoring and tracking method?

See the Digital Analytics section


We use the best digital tools to help you diagnose, optimise and develop your digital project.

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Search Console
  • Sistrix
  • ScreamingFrog
  • HotJar
  • Ahrefs
  • CrazyEgg
  • Balsamiq
  • UsabilityHub
  • Booking Bug
  • AB Tasty
  • Survey Monkey

For whom

We provide many of our consulting services to large corporations with specific needs that cannot be met inside the company.

We also work with medium-sized companies as their outsourced digital marketing department when they do not have one in-house.

Moreover, we collaborate with marketing agencies of a less technical nature who require consulting services for their clients' projects.

  • Euskaltel
  • Ibermática
  • Campos
  • Bankinter
  • Salto
  • AFM
  • Fit4Bike

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